Dear parent,

Do you worry that your son or daughter may be falling behind in literacy at school? Do you feel that they may be underachieving? I can assess your child to find out what his or her strengths and difficulties are, and I offer individual tuition, at an affordable rate, to improve their literacy skills.

The structured, multisensory teaching that I offer uses methods recommended by the Dyslexia Institute based on up-to-date research on the aquisition of literacy skills. The teaching is effective for improving literacy whether or not a child is dyslexic.

I look forward to helping your child acheive their full potential.

Enquiries: Tel: (01904) 416774

Hello Diane,

Just thought that you would like to know that A. won the class award for spring term 2011 for the most improved work. This award is presented each term to the child that has achieved something extra special, and I want to offer my sincere thanks to you because without your patience, understanding, and hard work with A. this would not have happened.It is wonderful to see his confidence grow.

Kind regards,
M. B.